The working process of gas heating boiler?

The working process of gas heating boiler? The Working process of Gas heating Boiler

The working process of gas heating boiler is as follows:

1. The coal used in gas heating boilers in China is fed directly into the burners through pulverized coal pipes and sprayed into the furnace to burn by the burners.

2. The combustion of pulverized coal in the furnace releases a lot of heat and the central temperature of the flame is large. There is a water-cooled pipe wall composed of metal pipes on the inside of the furnace, and the heat released by combustion is mainly absorbed by the heating surface of the water-cooled wall in the form of thermal radiation. In order to utilize this high temperature flue gas, superheaters (divided into several stages), reheaters, economizers and air preheaters are also installed in turn.

3. High temperature flue gas flows through these heating surfaces in turn and releases heat to these heating surfaces by means of convective, radiation and other heat transfer methods. The smoke from the air preheater can no longer be used, and it is sent to the dust collector for separation, most of the fly ash carried by the smoke is removed, and then the induced draft fan is introduced into the chimney, and finally discharged into the atmosphere.

Gas heating boiler is a kind of heating, which provides special equipment for industrial use. In domestic heating, there are mainly hot water and steam, such as domestic hot water, bath water. Industry mainly provides steam for other equipment to provide refrigeration, power and other services, such as ships, locomotives, mines and other places. The working principle of gas heating boiler is complex, mainly composed of fuel system, smoke and air system, steam and water system and so on.

The working principle of different types of gas heating boilers is also different. According to the object size of heating and service, it can be divided into the following three categories: household gas heating boiler is mainly electric gas heating boiler (electric hot water gas heating boiler), small gas heating boiler, wall hanging furnace and so on; District, hospital, company and other central heating gas heating boilers are mainly gas heating boilers, steam gas heating boilers; Large heating units are coal-fired gas heating boiler, fuel gas heating boiler, steam gas heating boiler and so on.

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