The running process of gas heating boiler and solving the problem of water shortage

1. Wear the specified labor supplies before work, check whether the boiler water supply, drainage, air supply pipe fittings, safety valve, pressure gauge, water level gauge are flexible, and confirm the safety before starting to work.

2. The water level of the hot water boiler shall not exceed two-thirds of the water level, and the low water level shall not exceed one-third. Usually, it stays at 1/2 or higher.

The running process of gas heating boiler and solving the problem of water shortage

3. When it is necessary to operate water with both hands, first open the sluice, then open the water tank valve with the other hand, and the water will enter the furnace naturally. When you are resting, you should first block the valve and then close the water gate. When you switch valves, keep your face away from the front to avoid accidents caused by soda.

4. During the operation of the gas heating boiler, it is necessary to check various parts and observe the pressure and water level. If overpressure or water shortage, it is necessary to stop the furnace, put ashes to the front, and inject a small amount of cold water, but not a large amount of cold water, so as to avoid accidents.

5, the conventional piezoelectric hot water boiler sewage, each shift, sewage should be adjusted before appropriate water level, slightly higher than 2/3, and then sewage.

6. Flush water level gauge once per shift. When flushing, according to the dividing procedure, first block the water valve, open the drainage valve, flushing the steam valve. At this point, pay attention to whether the steam is blocked. Then plug the steam valve and see if the water is blocked. Flush the water valve with water and steam for a longer time to ensure there is no false water level.

7. Inspect coal used in hot water boilers to prevent explosives such as detonator powder from being thrown into the furnace to prevent the risk of explosion.

8. During operation, be sure to check the temperature of mechanical equipment and electrical enclosure. If the machine fails or your hair burns more than 60 degrees, stop maintenance immediately. When the ordinary piezoelectric hot water boiler is in normal operation, the steam pressure shall not exceed the specified working pressure, and the safety valve shall be checked once a week.

Second, solve the problem of water shortage in heating boiler

1. Water shortage of gas heating boiler

(1) if the water level is lower than the low safe water level, or the water level is not visible, the glass tube (plate) of the water level gauge shall be white; (2) the two-color water level gauge displays all the indicated colors of the gas phase;

(3) high and low water level alarm

(4) the low-water interlocking device stops the blower, induced draft fan and grate reduction electromechanical machine; (5) the superheater steam temperature rises sharply, higher than the normal outlet steam temperature;

(6) boiler exhaust gas temperature rises

(7) water supply flow is less than steam flow. If water shortage occurs due to the rupture of furnace tube or energy saving tube, the opposite phenomenon will appear; (8) when water shortage is serious, scorched smell can be smelled;

(9) in the case of serious water shortage, the red water-cooled wall pipe can be seen from the furnace door;

When the water shortage is serious, the furnace tube may break. At this point, there may be a sound of explosion, steam and smoke will be emitted from the furnace door and fire door.

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