600000Kcal heating boiler in uzbekistan

The application of heating boiler in life is more extensive, no matter in the residential area, commercial area, or in the hotel, greenhouse greenhouses and other areas will be considered first is the equipment. 600000Kcal heating just in uzbekistan. In an ideal state, it can provide district heating of 8,000-10,000 square meters. However, when purchasing such boilers, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the thermal efficiency, operation life, production process and other details of the boiler to ensure the overall cost performance of the boiler.

600000Kcal heating boiler in uzbekistan

600000Kcal heating just in uzbekistan about the adjustment of water level

Why is the boiler water level adjusted? Generally speaking, this is to keep the water level of boiler drum (drum) stable, and the steps of water level adjustment are as follows:

(1) to control the water level, the water level must be carefully monitored. In principle, the primary water level meter shall prevail, and the electric contact water level meter shall be the main monitoring meter. Keep the local water level gauge clear and accurate. If there is no slight shaking of the water level gauge or mica sheet is not clear, the water level gauge should be washed immediately, regularly compare with each water level gauge, accurately judge the change of boiler water level;

(2) monitor the steam flow, feed water flow, drum pressure, feed water pressure and other main data at any time, and if abnormal is found, immediately find out the cause and deal with it in a timely manner;

(3) if the water level is more than +50 mm, you should close the small water supply regulation door, reduce the amount of water, if continue to rise to +75 mm, you should open the accident water gate water to the normal level, and find out the reason.

The above is the details about the boiler itself that I share with you about 600000Kcal heating just in uzbekistan. I hope it will be useful to you.

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