Blanking process is the first process of boiler manufacturing and also the key process to guarantee boiler quality. In this process, not only the accuracy of the blanking size, but also the high quality of the blanking material is monitored by automation equipment. FANGKUAI Boiler Industry submits the blanking materials according to the requirements of the country and the enterprise, which is monitored and tracked in real time.


Our factory mainly USES plasma cutting machine to make precise cutting of material. The main advantages are as follows:

  1. Computer automatic programming, can cut arbitrary shape;
  2. High efficiency and fast speed;
  3. High precision of part size;
  4. High utilization rate of plate.


The machining of groove is done by milling machine. The main advantages of using this device are as follows:

  1. The maximum processing length of the equipment is 12 meters;
  2. The plate can be processed from 0 to 45 degrees to ensure various shape requirements;
  3. High quality of processing. The linear error is less than 0.3mm/m, and the surface smoothness reaches Ra6.3.


The rolling process is one of the basic processes of boiler appearance machining. This step is mainly done with the roll machine. Advantages of using the roller machine include:

  1. The maximum thickness of the plate is 30mm, the maximum width is 2500mm, and the maximum diameter is 2600mm.
  2. The range of processing is large, and the cone shape can be processed; 3. Automatic programming, high working efficiency;
  3. Automatic programming, high working efficiency;
  4. Once completed, no pre-processing is required, 100% finished.

Edge cutting

The cutting process is mainly aimed at the connection between pipe and sheet to conduct deep processing to ensure the connection quality. This process demands high precision. The maximum working diameter of the equipment is 1400mm, which can guarantee the smooth and smooth treatment effect.

Drilling And Reaming

When processing various kinds of pipe holes, our factory first USES the numerical control cutting machine to cut the orifice, and then USES the rocker arm drilling machine to expand the orifice. The benefits of doing this are;

  1. No manual line control is required, and the efficiency is three times faster than manual control;
  2. High machining accuracy and no loss to the plate;

Piece Together

The process is to assemble all the parts that have been done before. At this point, the pre-processing of the boiler is completed. Team USES mechanical collaboration to ensure accuracy.


Our company adopts submerged arc automatic welding, argon arc welding and carbon dioxide gas welding to carry out delicate welding on pressure parts of boilers. For straight lines and curves, we use different welding methods and welding equipment. Main advantages of submerged arc welding include:

  1. Fast welding speed, good welding quality and beautiful shape;
  2. Save welding materials and electricity.

Nondestructive Inspection

The quality of welding will directly affect the safety of boiler operation. Our factory has set up special methods and procedures for flaw detection. These steps are: X-ray inspection, water pressure testing. These devices are reliable and efficient.

Mechanical Test

Mechanical performance testing is mainly the raw materials and welding parts to review and test a process. This process can be used to test the tensile and bending of the sheet to ensure the welding performance of the material and the quality of the material used in the product.


Hydrostatic Test

Hydraulic test is an important process to test the strength and tightness of the pressure element, and also a key step to comprehensively test the safety of boiler operation. The process must be field tested by the relevant department. Our company's test pass rate is 100 percent, to ensure absolute safety.

Smoke Box Production And Installation

Smoke box is an important part of horizontal boiler. The insulation and refractories we choose are of high performance, and the insulation effect is greatly enhanced by the use of double-layer aluminum foil insulation. The double seal structure is adopted in front and rear smoke boxes to solve the problem of smoke leakage in horizontal boilers. Double door structure is reliable and convenient.


Packaging Process

The packing process is to lay the refractory material onto the pot shell. Our carefully designed method of insulation is to use double layer of glass silk, so that boiler performance can be greatly improved. The external wall temperature of our boiler is far lower than the national design standard, so as to effectively reduce the heat loss of the boiler and guarantee the thermal efficiency.

Piping And Electrical Installation

Our company takes the lead in the electrical control by combining the programmable controller and the touch screen into the operation control of the boiler. In this way, the boiler can be fully automatic control, networking group control. First-class hardware and software ensure the boiler to run smoothly and orderly.


The Thermal Test

The thermal test is a simulated performance test before the product leaves the factory. This procedure is also the most important procedure for our company to test the product performance and quality. This process is unique to our factory. The standard of test is to run all the parameters to meet the standard, so that the packaging can be shipped.

The Outer Packing

All the above procedures are completed. After the hydraulic test and thermal test are up to the standard, we can carry out the final packaging of the product. We use environmentally friendly and convenient materials to protect our customers and boilers.