Theoretical calculation value of water circulation in boiler room

1.The heat supply form of the community is ground heating system, which belongs to low-temperature and large-flow radiation heat supply. The circulating water of the heating boiler room is larger than that of traditional radiator heating system. According to the distribution position and floor height parameters of the community, the district heat supply type is adopted through the secondary heat exchange system, which can meet the overall heat supply quality and effect of the community.

Theoretical calculation value of water circulation in boiler room

2. The resistance of the heating system is determined by factors such as pressure loss along the route, local pressure loss and internal resistance of the equipment. It shall be considered comprehensively during the selection of circulating water pump.

3. When selecting the circulating water pump, the secondary heat exchanger unit shall consider the above-mentioned flow and pipeline comprehensively. Design parameters of system resistance and lift.

Detection data to be displayed in real time in heating system

a. The combustion machine is turned on, shut down and emergency shutdown in the event of failure; b. Furnace flame in the form of: small fire, fire (automatically switch); c. according to backwater temperature) The temperature and pressure of thermal circulation system show: primary side supply, return water system, secondary side supply, return water system, d. The exhaust temperature of boiler shows that if the temperature is too high, the boiler will stop automatically. The ambient temperature parameters show that: three outdoor weather environment monitoring points; three indoor end user monitoring points; f. The current faults of boiler system are displayed in real time in Chinese. The pressure and temperature of each monitoring point in outdoor heating network system are displayed in real time. Heating, water supply, temperature, heating, heating. Backwater temperature, heating and water supply pressure, heating backwater pressure, domestic water supply temperature, domestic backwater temperature, domestic water supply pressure, domestic backwater pressure, water flow, heat supply and other data are uploaded to I in real time. Operation status of each operating equipment (feed pump, circulating water pump, fan, valve, etc.).

Introduction of hardware part of Gas Boiler heating Control system

a. PLC is the core part of the whole control system, using Siemens series programmable logic controller;b. Field data acquisition system is composed of temperature sensor, pressure sensor, gas alarm, flame monitor and water level sensor;c. The human-machine interface of intelligent touch screen can adopt Siemens related equipment(including soft keyboard and display). Its main uses are:displaying information;Set and modify parameters;Provide custom function keys;Provide password protection;d. Pipeline sensor adopts PT100;e. Wireless transmission is adopted for environment sensor;f. Install audible and visual alarm device;g. The primary pump is controlled by contactor.

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