What are the preparations before the gas boiler installation

First, determine the installation position of the boiler in advance

What are the preparations before the gas boiler installation

The choice of boiler installation position should pay attention to avoid these positions: the location of poor ventilation performance, near flammable and explosive articles. Only when the boiler is installed in a position with good ventilation performance and far from flammable and explosive materials can the boiler installation make the user rest assured.

II. The installation procedures shall be completed ahead of schedule, and the communication and coordination with the management department shall be good.

According to the relevant regulations of the safety supervision regulations of the steam boiler, the unit using the boiler shall handle the installation procedures of the natural gas boiler in accordance with the procedure before installation. The boiler unit shall communicate with the local boiler supervision agency before installation, and assign professional personnel to supervise the installation work.

III. Contact relevant installation technicians of boiler in advance.

Installation of natural gas boiler installation such technical work, must contact professional and trustworthy boiler installation personnel in advance. And before installation, the installer must master the steps of natural gas boiler installation and related matters needing attention in detail, so it is necessary to contact the relevant installation technicians of boiler installation in advance before installation, and the user can not start the operation on his own.

If you want to do a good job, you must take advantage of it, and the installation of natural gas boilers is also true. Before installation, people must pay special attention to the preparation in advance and perfect the preparation in order to complete the installation of boiler more quickly and effectively. The use after installation is also more secure, if any problems can also be timely to find the relevant personnel for maintenance.

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