Code for Safe Operation of Gas-fired Hot-water Boiler

People's domestic water and heating can not be separated from gas hot water boiler, because of the particularity of its performance, it is necessary to abide by the strict safe operation code. So, how does the operation of gas-fired hot water boiler need to ensure its safety performance?

Code for Safe Operation of Gas-fired Hot-water Boiler

1. Carefully check the water supply, drainage, gas supply pipeline accessories, safety valve, pressure gauge and water level meter of gas and hot water boiler before working. After confirming the safety, the work can be carried out.

2, when the water should be manipulated by both hands, one hand to open the water door, followed by the other hand to open the water injector valve, the water naturally flows into the furnace. Stop, first close the valve, and then close the door, in the switch valve, the face must avoid the front, so as not to cause personal accidents caused by soda rush out.

3. In the operation of gas-fired hot water boiler, we should pay attention to check each part and see if the pressure and water level are in the normal range. The stove worker should not leave his post without authorization. When working at night, avoid dozing off, let alone sleep, so as to avoid accidents. When boiler discharge is discharged, each class must be carried out once, and the water level must be adjusted properly before discharge, which is slightly higher than the normal water level standard by 2 �� 3, and then the discharge must be carried out.

4. The water level gauge must be flushed once per shift. During flushing, first close the water valve, open the blow-down valve and flush the steam valve according to the specified procedures, and then pay attention to whether the incoming steam is blocked;Then close the steam valve, and then pay attention to whether the water is blocked. When flushing the water valve, until the water changes to steam for a little longer time, the false water level can not be ensured. The fuel of hot gas water boiler must be subject to safety inspection to prevent explosive substances in the fuel to prevent explosion hazard.

5. Check the temperature of mechanical equipment and motor casing frequently, such as mechanical failure or motor heating for more than 60 degrees, and stop the inspection immediately. When the gas hot water boiler is in normal operation, the steam pressure shall not exceed the specified working pressure, and the safety valve shall be checked once a week.

Suggestions on the location of Boiler Room

According to the relevant regulations of the design of the gas boiler room and the site survey of the district, only the upper lawn area imported from the garage basically meets the site selection conditions. Due to the limited height of the underground garage and the lack of reasonable blasting port position, the semi-underground boiler room structure should be considered, that is, the height of the building above the top floor of the garage is more than 2 meters, and the total height of the boiler room should be designed according to 5 meters. The structure of semi-underground boiler room not only meets the installation of boiler, but also solves the standard requirements of explosion-proof port, and ensures the safe and efficient operation of boiler room. Boiler auxiliary equipment, circulating pump room, water treatment and other facilities Install on the negative layer. The water supply and return pipeline is connected to the pipeline of the original system. The secondary heat exchange unit shall be installed in the basement according to the heating area.

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