Main steps of Boiler Water pressure Test

The water pressure test is very useful for the safe operation of the boiler, when, when to perform the water pressure test, the main steps of the water pressure test, this is a lot of techniques and techniques.

Main steps of Boiler Water pressure Test

By virtue of many years of boiler practice experience, Fang Fast Boiler summarizes the following practical information for your reading and reference.

First, when does the boiler water pressure test need to be carried out?

1. The newly installed boiler is put into operation.

2. When the boiler has been shut down for more than one year, the boiler will resume operation.

3. After major repair or replacement of pressure-bearing components, such as the number of tubes replaced by water wall is more than 50%, superheater, reheater, economizer and other components are replaced in groups, and the steam drum is repaired greatly.

4, when the serious overpressure of the boiler reaches 1. 25 times the working pressure and above.

5. When the heating surface of the boiler is deformed in a large area after serious water shortage.

6. According to the operation situation, the safety and reliability of the equipment operation is doubted.

Second, the method of boiler water pressure test

1. The water pressure test should be carried out when the surrounding temperature is higher than 5 ��, and there must be antifreeze measures when the temperature is below 5 ��.

2. The water used in water pressure test should keep the temperature higher than the surrounding dew point to prevent the boiler surface from condensation, which will be confused with the lack of water seepage and increase the inspection difficulty, but it should not be too high to prevent vaporization (where leakage is not easy to find) and excessive temperature difference stress, generally 20 �� ~ 70 ��.

3. When the water is full, when the pressure increases gradually to 0.4MPa, a tightness check is carried out, and if necessary, the bolts of flange, manhole door and handhole cover can be tightened.

4. During the hydraulic test, the water pressure shall be lifted slowly. When the water pressure rises to the working pressure, the pressure rise shall be suspended to check whether there is water leakage or abnormal phenomenon, and then to the test pressure to maintain for 20 minutes. If the pressure does not drop, the pressure drops to the working pressure for inspection.

5. Any leakage shall be recorded so as to be reduced to atmospheric pressure for repair.

The above is the more comprehensive boiler water pressure test skills that Fang Fast Boiler needs to master for you. I hope it can help you.

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