Common Accidents in Operation of Gas heating Boiler

1) Gas heating boiler is short of water. Gas heating boiler is seriously short of water, which will cause deformation and damage of pressure components, and even explosion of furnace tube. If handled improperly, explosion accident of gas heating boiler may occur. When it is found that the gas heating boiler is short of water, the intake of water should be strictly prohibited and the emergency shutdown measures should be taken. Most of the causes of water shortage accident of gas heating boiler are related to the lax paralysis and misoperation of the operators, or to the blockage failure of the water level meter due to the lack of flushing measures.

Common Accidents in Operation of Gas heating Boiler

(2) sodas and sodas. The characteristics of soda transpiration are as follows: the water level of the water level fluctuates violently, the pot water blisters, a large amount of water is carried in the steam, the steam temperature drops, and the water shock occurs in the pipeline when the water level is serious. The main reasons for this are poor water quality, high salt content or excessive increase in gas heating boiler load. It is found that it is necessary to strengthen the treatment of water quality and increase the continuous discharge of sewage when soda is working together.

(3) overpressure of gas heating boiler. The overpressure operation of gas heating boiler causes the deformation of components and damage at the side of the boiler. If it is serious, it will cause explosion accident. The main reason for the overpressure of gas heating boiler is that the furnace personnel blindly increase the working pressure or leave the job without permission. Sometimes, the overpressure of gas heating boiler can be caused by the failure of pressure gauge and safety valve at the same time. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the post responsibility system and the inspection of safety accessories.

(4)Furnace tube explosion. During tube blasting, there is obvious explosion sound, steam injection sound, and water level and steam pressure are obviously decreased. When such a condition is found, emergency shutdown treatment measures must be taken. The general reason for this situation is that the furnace tube fouling or corrosion is caused by poor water quality;Water deficiency and burst pipe may also be mutually causal;In addition, due to design defects, insufficient material strength and poor welding quality, may cause pipe burst accident.

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