Why is the water temperature of the gas heating boiler not going up?

In the process of running a gas-fired heating boiler, the outlet water temperature will also be at a lower level, causing unnecessary waste and even affecting the heating effect. So why is this happening?

1. The boiler selection is unreasonable, too small, and does not give force. It is recommended to consult the boiler company to see if the boiler you selected is reasonable.

2. The pipeline system is laid unreasonably, and there are too many turning places, which affects the system water circulation.

3. The water in the pipeline system is fouled, the hardness of the tap water is too high, and the fouling of the pipeline causes the system to be unfavorable.

4. The boiler circulation pump is faulty, like aging, which causes the water flow to fail.

5. The water temperature inside the boiler is perceived to be faulty.

6. The room insulation effect is not good, it will also affect the room temperature.

After understanding the reasons for the failure of the water temperature of some gas heating boilers, we can check these aspects one by one to solve such problems and ensure safe and efficient operation of the boiler.