How much is the price of a 4 ton gas heating boiler?

What is the price of one or more 4 ton gas heating boilers? At present, heating boilers mainly use hot water. Therefore, many heating boilers are currently used in atmospheric hot water boilers. Generally, large-tonnage heating boilers are used by local heating companies. Therefore, heating units are more cautious about the purchase of boilers.

Recently, a heating company consulted Fangfeng Boiler. He is a local heating company, mainly responsible for heating the district. He wants to purchase two gas-fired heating hot water boilers, but he is not very familiar with the specific model and price. of. After knowing the detailed situation of the company, the technicians of Fangfang Boiler calculated that the data can be satisfied by the company with a 4 ton gas heating hot water boiler. The current price of this model is ¥500000. about. In this regard, the company's procurement staff has a basic price position for the 4 ton gas heating boiler.